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2015 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
September 2015 Cassey Hughes, Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Apnea
July 2015 DEA Drugs, DOT Exams, Mosquitos, Ticks, Fleas

2014 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
October 2014 Influenza, Enterovirus, Pink in the Park
August 2014 DOT Exams, Monsquitos, Fleas, and Ticks
April 2014 Babies, Nicotine, Cancer Screening

2013 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
January 2013 Lindsey Bradley, Babies, Statins, Influenza, Shingles
March 2013 Heart Health, CPR, AEDs, Heart Anatomy
June 2013 Shanna Buckner, Breast Cancer, Cancer Screening
August 2013 Jessica Cole, Physicals, Cancer Screening
October 2013 Flu, Shingles, TdaP, and Pneumonia vaccines
December 2013 Winter Exercise, Healthy Eating, Resolutions

2012 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
February 2012 Heartstrings, Heart Health, Cervical Cancer, Statins, Actos
March 2012 Greenways, Vitamins
June 2012 Summer Fun, Skin Cancer, Poison Ivy
September 2012 Janelle, Flu, Pertussis, Shingles

2011 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
February 2011 Melissa Martinez, Physical Exams, Preventive Visits, Medicare Wellness
June 2011 Melissa Martinez, Summer Fun, Sun Safety, Skin Cancer
October 2011 Melissa Martinez, Alisha Moore, Flu Shots, Breast Cancer, Walk to School
November 2011 Melissa Martinez, Alisha Moore, Flu Shots, COPD
December 2011 Grand Prix, Winter Exercise, Beginning Runners, Healthy Eating, Resolutions

2010 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
December 2010 Outdoor Exercise, Winter Safety, Drunk Driving, Toxic Plants
September 2010 Pertussis, Flu Shots, Vaccine Registry, Similac Recall
June 2010 Summer Fun, Sun Safety, Drowning, Poison Ivy, Food Safety
March 2010 New Billing Service, McNeil Recall, Haiti Relief, Healthcare Debate

2009 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
December 2009 Holiday Stress, H1N1 recall, Safe Toys, Drink Safely
October 2009 Swine Flu, Influenza Treatment, Medications
June 2009 Masquerade, The Human Race, Summer Fun, Swine Flu
May 2009 Kitty Curran, HIB vaccine, Swine Flu, Pertussis
January 2009 Avery Browning, Go Red for Women

2008 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
December 2008 Safe Toys, Drunk Driving, Viruses, World AIDS Day
October 2008 Olivia Austin, Fire Safety, Safe Halloween
September 2008 Flu Clinic, Anniversary, Mammograms, Healthy Aging, Safe Halloween
July 2008 Kacey Cox, The Human Race, Drowning Prevention, Salmonella
April 2008 Walking 100 Miles, Child Abuse Prevention, Children's Cold Medicines, Zetia and Vytorin

2007 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
December 2007 Kit Bailey, Drunk Driving, Holiday Eating, MRSA
September 2007 Flu Shots, Quit Smoking, Meningitis Vaccine, School Bus Safety
June 2007 Walking Trail, Sun Safety, Food Safety, Fireworks Safety, Men's Health
March 2007 Cortney Horn, Paul Curran, Ridgefield's Trail, Allergies, Suicide Awareness, Better Sleep

2006 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
December 2006 Megan Nicholson, Office Antibiotics, Flu and Colds
November 2006 Quit Smoking, Cold Remedies
October 2006 Flu Shots, Head Lice, Cold Remedies, HPV
August 2006 Danielle Deines, Immunizations, HPV, Gynecologic Cancers, Prostate Cancer
May 2006 Physicals, Poison Ivy, Arthritis, Asthma and Allergy, Running and Fitness
April 2006 Ambra, Physicals, Earth Day, Asthma and Allergy, Spring Break
February 2006 Heart Health, Sexual Health, Women + Girls in Sports, Medicare Part D

2005 Newsletters

Date Topics of Interest
December 2005 Holiday Safety, Drunk Driving Prevention, Winter Health, Medicare Part D
October 2005 Flu Shots, Hurricaine Aid, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer


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